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36prime income programme is a noble idea created to fight poverty by converting your time, data and activities online to a meaningful venture.

We believe that since it costs money, data,time,energy and phone/laptop to be online, you should also be making money while online…

When you become an affiliate member, you can earn above N100,000 every month.

36prime.com.ng is a news platform owned and managed by Hexos Global Services, a registered ICT Company with the Nigerian Cooperate affairs commission (CAC) with Registration Number -BN2805586.
our head office is located at plot,639 Durumu District,Area 1 Abuja.

We simply built a platfrom where you can turn your time and activities online to a money making venture!

Who can Become a Member of 36prime income?:

Anyone who wants to make money online can become a member, we accept membership from anywhere in the world!

Our platform helps you earn cool money from your presence and activities online.

How can I make Earnings on 36prime income:

There are two types of earnings on 36prime income: Activity earnings and referral earnings.

You make activity earnings by performing forum activities while referral earning is made by referring new members to 36prime income through your referral link.

You must be an affiliate member to earn from the system.


(A) Registration bonus N100= N100

(B) Active daily login bonus N50x1 daily =N50

(C) Reading and sharing of sponsord post on facebook N150x1 daily =150

(D) N5 for every good comment you drop on any post on the Homepage x100 articles daily =N500

(E) You earn N100 for posting relevant, interesting and well structure forum topic that get approved on the homepage of our website x 5 daily = N500

(F) N1300 for each person you invite to 36prime income x 2 daily=N2600

TOTAL = N3,900 DAILY, N27,300 WEEKLY AND N109,200 MONTHLY. This is just an estimate and you too can make more money depending on your dedication.

To become an affiliate member, you first Register a free account (click Here)

Then, Login and click on upgrade account.

You are required to pay a one-time Upgrade Fee of N1,600 only for your upgrade to be complete.

You can pay online while upgrading or buy account activation coupon from +2347057215396

My Account has been activated. What Next?

Once you upgrade your account to Affiliate Membership, you become a full member of 36prime income!

It’s time to Earn!

Simply perform activities and invite others to read news on 36prime income with your affiliate link.

Your Affiliate link is displayed inside your affiliate area.

Copy it and share with your friends for registration.

You earn N1,300 referral bonus for each affiliate signup from your invitee!

That’s cool, right???

yeah, it’s time to get to work and make cool money!!

How to Cashout Your Earnings from 36prime income programme?

There are two types of Earnings on 36prime income programe- Activities and referral Earnings, and their cashout days are different.

The withdrawal portal for referral earnings opens every Friday and payments are made every sunday.

The withdrawal portal for Activity earnings Opens on 28th of every month, Payments are processed and sent to members between 29th and 30th of every month!

Minimum withdrawal Amount for referral earners is N3,900 only.

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Still have some doubt, see our payout list below:

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Do you still have questions?
Write us via 36prime123@gmail.com or call +2347057215396 (9am – 4pm; Mondays – Fridays)